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Before i teach you the skills of hacking,
let me tell you how to be safe from hackers,
or in other words, how to build a hackers
safe computer.

In my series of tutorials, you will be downloading
a lot of tools, and other stuffs. Some of them
may be even backdoored. So how could we use them
without getting infected. 

First and most imp. Try not to download from torrents and
warez sites.
Most of them are backdoored with the attackers server
and as soon as you open it, you'll get infected

Second, There's an awesome tool called Sandboxie
which you could download from here.
What it does, is it creates a virtual environment
in your computer and all the changes made by the
software will be affecting that virtual
environment not the whole computer.

Third, If you know some reverse engineering, you
should try doing it. I'll be teaching this
in my later tutorials.

Thats all for know. Hope i helped you in making
a hackers safe computer system.

How to hack” A lot of my visitors keep on asking me the question as how to hack, where to start hacking ,  what all should they learn etc.

Just after my completion of “Certified Ethical Hacker” course, also known as the CEH, i decided to write a security blog which even newbies could understand. This website is meant for all the beginners in hacking. Who have no prior knowledge can start from here.

Tighten your seatbelts, cause in the next coming posts, you would be learning Hacking, from the very small detail to even the advanced hacking. I’ll be teaching you all.

Who am i. I am Acutev6 . 


I’ll be starting the course from next week when i would get free. Till then stay tuned.